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Get Well Flowers
Get Well Florals Designer's Choice in Whitehall, MI | WHITE LAKE GREENHOUSES FLORAL
Get Well Florals
Designer's Choice
These flowers are sure to make them smile when they need it the most! Show them you care with a beautiful flower arrangement designed by our expert florists. Send our Designer’s Choice Get Well flowers to give them something to feel good about!
Shown at $75.00
Shown at $75.00
Hospitals and Health Care Providers in Our Delivery Area:
Name Address Phone
Heartland Health Care Ctr916 E Lewis St Whitehall, MI. 49461(231) 894-4056
Senior Housing Assn-White Lake225 Hall St Whitehall, MI. 49461(231) 894-9464
Apple Carr Village516 Courtland Ln Muskegon, MI. 49442(231) 788-2222
Brookhaven Medical Care Fclty1890 E Apple Ave Muskegon, MI. 49442(231) 724-3500
Christian Care Nursing Ctr1275 Kenneth St Muskegon, MI. 49442(231) 722-7165
Christian Care Senior Care1530 Mclaughlin Ave Muskegon, MI. 49442(231) 777-3494
Dayspring Assisted Living572 Lake Forest Ln Muskegon, MI. 49441(231) 780-2229
De Boer Inc1750 Vulcan St Muskegon, MI. 49442(231) 777-2511
De Boer Nursing Home1684 Vulcan St Muskegon, MI. 49442(231) 777-2511
De Vos Children's Hospital2320 Glade St Muskegon, MI. 49444(231) 733-4215
Hackley Hospital Laboratories1700 Clinton St Muskegon, MI. 49442(231) 726-3511
Hackley Physical Therapy1675 Leahy St # 200 Muskegon, MI. 49442(231) 737-9302
Heartland Health Care Ctr1061 W Hackley Ave Muskegon, MI. 49441(231) 755-2255
Hermitage1776 Vulcan St Muskegon, MI. 49442(231) 777-2514
Hickory Village Of Muskegon1890 Carriage Rd Muskegon, MI. 49442(231) 773-2811
Hillcrest Nursing Ctr695 Mitzi St Muskegon, MI. 49445(231) 744-1641
Hume Home For The Aged1244 W Southern Ave Muskegon, MI. 49441(231) 755-1715
Jefferson Towers Apartments1077 Jefferson St Fl 1 Muskegon, MI. 49440(231) 722-4863
Mc Auley Place1380 E Sherman Blvd Muskegon, MI. 49444(231) 733-2578
Mercy General Health Partners1700 Oak Ave Muskegon, MI. 49442(231) 773-3311
Mercy General Hospital1500 E Sherman Blvd Muskegon, MI. 49444(231) 739-9341
Nelson Place Apartments350 Houston Ave Muskegon, MI. 49441(231) 727-4077
Next Care Specialty Hospital1700 Oak Ave Fl 3 Muskegon, MI. 49442(231) 777-6202
Northcrest Living Ctr2650 Ruddiman Dr Muskegon, MI. 49445(231) 744-2447
Nursing Home Group1380 W Broadway Ave Muskegon, MI. 49441(231) 759-6803
Pine Grove Manor1764 E Apple Ave Muskegon, MI. 49442(231) 773-5563
Roosevelt Park Nursing Ctr1300 W Broadway Ave Muskegon, MI. 49441(231) 755-2221
Select Specialty Hosp Western1700 Clinton St # S2 Muskegon, MI. 49442(231) 728-5800
Seminole Shores Living Ctr850 Seminole Rd Muskegon, MI. 49441(231) 780-2944
University Park570 Harvey St Muskegon, MI. 49442(231) 773-9121
Lakeshore Community Hospital72 S State St Shelby, MI. 49455(231) 861-2156

Get Well Bouquets

Whether you're under the weather or down in the dumps, WHITE LAKE GREENHOUSES FLORAL has just the cure! Flowers never fail to lift spirits, and who needs it more than someone sick? Let us hand deliver your special Get Well gift to any local hospital or home. Get Well Soon gift baskets are also available and are great snack items for those who need their bedrest. Need to send flowers to a sick loved one out of the area? Give us a call, we can do that too!